Solar Power Kits for Your Home

Solar power kits are one of the simplest and most cost efficient ways of making your home into a solar powerhouse while making one of the soundest home improvements ever and a potentially lucrative financial investment.

Adding solar panels for home offers huge advantages including huge utility bill savings, potential profitibility as well as adding thousands to the value of your home. And all this while helping the environment, becoming independent from rising fuel costs and more self sufficient. There is no denying that renewable energy is the future and solar energy is leading the field in this sector.

This page is about solar power kits which means getting everything you need to to go solar in one cost effective and convenient package. But beware, there are a few things you need to know before buying a kit straight away.

What is a Solar power kit

A solar power kit is simply a do it yourself kit for setting up your home with planet and money saving equipment. It is the cheapest way of going solar but they can involve a bit of a learning curve when it comes to installation. If you are handy with tools and have some basic knowledge of electrics you will be fine.

The biggest advantage of building you solar power system this way is the ability to grow your home power station by adding additional panels over a long period time.

Key to finding the right Solar power kit for you

1. Buy directly from a solar panel manufacturer

By going straight to the solar power manufacturer untold savings can be made on the purchase price of home solar kits. A list of manufacturers near you can be found on this page.

2. Carefully plan what type of kit you need

Solar kits come in a huge array of different sizes and powers. Spend some time doing some maths andwork out how much power you need and what is practical for you roof size, location etc. See below for more information.

3. Buy your solar kit online

Like most things these days it is generally a lot cheaper to buy your solar panels online. The net has the biggest selection of kits and prices to choose from.

4. Ensure you get a good warranty

Most suppliers offer at least a 25 year warranty so if you panels don't come with one then move on. Your making a big investment for the future. Don't make the same investment twice!

Is your house suitable for Solar Power

This is an important question butone which is usually overlooked solar power newbies. The chances are the answer is yes but still, doe your house meet this criteria?

1. Sunny Location

Strangely it is not essential for solar power. Even on the greyest day your solar panels still make a feasible and efficient choice. But bit of sunshine does help.

2. South facing slanted roof

Or north facing if your nelow the equator. This is an important part of a solar investment. A slanting roof is recommended as flat roofs really don't offer the same level of efficiency. Its also a bit pointless if the solar panels are pointing away from the direction of the sun.

3. Planning permission

For most residential solar power kits you will not need any planning permission but it is always worth checking with your local planning office.

Which kit is right for me?

There are two different types of kit on the market. The first of which is probably the cheapest way of going solar and involves you doing everything completely by yourself including making your own solar panels. This method of building home solar power systems is much much cheaper but can be a bit more tricky and time consuming to build.

The second option is still cheaper than having panels fitted for you and means you can avoid having your head stuck in an encyclopedia for three weeks before you even start making the panels. This option comes recommended from think solar and offers a truly affordable and viable way of going green.

On this page you can find links to the best DIY solar power kits on the web. Follow the product links for more information on each and to buy. Or follow this link for more information about solar panel manufacturers.

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