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Investing in a solar power generator can help protect you and your family in many emergency situations including blackouts, hurricanes, earthquakes and so on. This small portable device has many advantages other than just providing you with instant, continuous and free electricity.

Solar generators come in many shapes and sizes and year by year they become smaller, more cost effective and more efficient. This page highlights and reviews some of the best solar power generators of today with a guide to choosing the best solar power generator for you.

Solar Power Generator

Why do I need a solar generator?

What happens next time the power goes out and you can't use your laptop, fridge, oven and charge your phone? Recent increases and frequencies of hurricanes in the states, earthquakes in the East and fuel supply instability all around the world have led to solar energy generators becoming an almost essential asset for every garage and without one you are leaving yourself open to the risk of going without power for days or possibly weeks at a time. That is why you need a portable solar power generator.

What can I power?

The answer to this question depends on what generator you buy and how much you are willing to spend on it. Don't be fooled into thinking that you can unplug from the grid and continue as normal with a solar generator as these amazing bits of equipment simply can't generate that much power. If this is your goal then maybe you should have a look at home solar power kits.

A decent generator which comesequipped witha battery should b able to supply you with about 1600 - 1800 watts of power even on a cloudy day. This is enough to power most devices in your home but just maybe not all at once.

Solar power Generator, light house

Which is the right generator for me

There is little separating most solar power backup generators except for power output and portability. In most cases you may sacrifice a little power for more portability and a little portability for more power. If you shop around however you can actually find one that has both like the one below and this solar power backup.

How much should you pay?

For a quality efficient generator you will want to pay at least $1400, any less than this and your sacrificing quality which could mean a breakdown just when you need it most. With most manufacturers you will also get at least a 20 year warranty.

Less power but higher portability generators

Solar panels are extremely versitile and come a massiverange of sizes and powers. If you are looking to power something specific then go to this page about portable solar power systems.

If you are looking for a really lightwieght solar power system then you can have a look at solar powered battery chargers for very specific and low wattage devices like laptops, phones and Ipods.

The best of the best

Perhaps the best solar power generator on the web is one made by a company called my solar backup (see image above). This is an 1800 Watt generator which produces no noise, no pollution with a limitless supply of fuel, basic maintenance and a 20 year warranty. Click here for more information about the ultimate solar power backup generator.

They are a based in the US and charge over £100 to ship it but that is bearable because of the $1679 price tag which for its specifications, is a bit of bargain. Also it is a small price to pay for having the heating going in snow storm and the lights on in a blackout. Or maybe you just want to keep your beers cold on your fishing trip!

Follow this link for more information about this solar generator or follow this link for the full range of power outputs for this solar backup system.

Other generators

A solar power backup generator is a great way to keep yourself and your family in power whenthe lights go out and the heating goes off.

Below: The Front of the Solar generator Powerhub 1800

Below: The powerhub 1800 comes with two high capacity batteries

Below: The Power Source 1800 being used in the Kitchen to run the Refridgerator

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