Solar Power Backup Generator

A solar power backup generator is something that any responsible household should have forth bad times. Keep you lights on in the next blackout or the rolling brownouts we keep having. Keep the heating going using the energy of the sun after the power goes out after the next snowstorm.

Below: A classic Solar powered generator which can be used for as backup power or as a permanent source of electricity. This is also one of the best on the market.

solar power backup generator

With rising instability in oil producing nations and questions over reserves, oil is becoming more and more expensive and unreliable. There will be a point soon, and analysts predict it to be closer than we think, where then oil runs out and you won't be able to power your home anymore. But, with a relatively low cost solar power backup generator you can keep your fridge going, your lights on and your family safe.

What is it good for?

A generator for backup power could be one of the best investments you ever make. A solar power backup generator come in a variety of different powers but the most common is the 1800 watt model. A generator such as this can charge batteries big enough to keep your fridge going and most of the lighting in your house. Appliances which require a bit supply of watts like vacuum cleaners, cookers and so on will have to be used independantly (unplug the oven before you hoover).

Below: This compact and portable solar backup generator produces up 1500 watts. It comes with one 12 volt battery and it has the option to add more.

Solar power backup generator, cube, 5 panel

The advantages of having a solar powered backup generator are massive, for example:

Free and clean power

A solar generator like the one I described above will probably come with a 100 watt solar panel. This solar panel converts light from the sun into electricity which can either be used directly or stored on batteries. This means that you will be using an entirely free, reliable and abundant source of power.


A good quality solar generator if used conintusouly will last for a about 25 or 30 years. The battery will need replacing or reconditioning several times in this period but other than that there is little to go wrong as there are no moving parts. You can also rely on your solar backup generator to work on a cloudy day, but of course it may take longer to charge the batteries.

Self contained

Solar generators are usually self contained units so the abttery, the inverter, charge controller etc is contained in a robust case. The solar panel is however a separate module which means that the solar panel can be outside (where it needs to be) and the generator can be inside,away from the elements and near the appliance that needs it.

Below: This is a portable, 1800 watt backup solar generator and costing $1999

backup solar generator, 1800 watts

The solar power system in the image above is a highend device and can power has the following run times.

  • Laptop - 24 hours
  • 20" LCD monitor - 7.5 hours
  • Sump - 1 hour
  • Table lamp - 11 hours

By adding more batteries this time can be extended.

Solar backup generator costs

You have two options when deciding about buying a solar power backup generator. The first option is not to buy at all but to rather build it. While this may seem crazy at first it is actually entirely feasable and extremely cost effective. The other option is to buy a complete backup generator system which is more costly of course but it is built by professionals and does come with a long warranty and

DIY solar power backup generator

If you are into DIY then why not start a new little project. Solar generators are actually surprisingly simple to make and the cost of the raw materials comes to about $200 and may take you about a weekend to put together. Earth4energy is a great system which uses well produced videos to use as a guide for building your solar power backup generator.

Below: This is a homemade, DIY solar backup generator that was builtin two days for less than $220.

Buying a new solar generator

A solar backup system like the one I mentioned on this page you will need to lay down at least $1500 for a quality generator. By far the best generator is the powersource 1800 which is one of the best on the market and at a fair price. The product linked is the smallest in the range but pretty effective, for the full range click here.

Of course a solar generator doesn't need only to be used as backup but actually it can be used for anything meaning that it can start paying for itself immediately by creating free power for you.

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