Solar Power Backup

On this page we look at some solar power backup programs including panels and generators to help you and family in times of need.

Backup solar generators are not expensive to buy and when the next storm rolls in you have some serious peace of mind knowing that you can keep the refrigerator running and the heating on.

The best type solar power backup

By far the most efficient way of securing your power supply when the main grid fails is a with a portable backup generator.

These things look like a standard fuel generator but instead have a large solar panel attached to then,usually by a cable (see image below). This means that while the solar panel is outside in the sunshine where it needs to be, you can be inside with the generator powering whatever you need to power.

After a lot of research we decided that the best backup generator on the market was by far the Power source 1800.

Below: The Power Source Solar backup generator and solar panel

Some of the key features

This solar power backup is a complete system with everything you need to run your appliances safely and efficiently. 

  • 1800 watt Solar Backup Generator
  • High efficiency – quick charge 90 watt Solar Panel.
  • Sunsaver Charge controller.
  • 50 feet Solar Panel cable.
  • 90 day warranty and 20 year warranty on Solar Panel.
  • Our solar kits are assembled in America.
  • High capacity battery for long life power

The whole system can be unpacked and setup in about 10 minutes and it's simply a case of plugging it in and pointing it at the sun.

There is no sun!

Doesn't matter. While obviously the solar panel runs at optimum capacity in direct sunshine, it will work well enough on grey and overcast days.

Benefits all year round

One of the best things about this system, or any solar powered system for that matter, is that they have incredibly long lifespans so people tend to keep them up and running all year in an effort to keep power bills down. So essentially, an investment today in a solar power backup generator could end up paying for itself in a couple of years and then saving you money there on in. 

Below: The Power source 1800 keeping the beers cold and the milk fresh

What it won't do

What this unit can't do is power numerous heavy loads appliances at the same time. Things like vacuum cleaners and microwaves require huge amounts of power and will drain the battery quickly.

1800 watts is a lot of power but it won't keep your whole house running on full continuously. You'll have to be fairly selective about what you choose to power or you run the risk of running out of juice.

Having said that you could always go for a larger output solar backup like this one offered by a company called solutions for science.

This product, the PowerHub 1800, provides twice as much power as the Powersource 1800.

Of course if you're looking for some serious power there is always the four solar panel version which is a pretty hardcore item. It's called the PowerHub 1800 PLUS and of course has a larger inverter, battery, lifespan etc but it is fairly expensive. For this amount of money you may be better of looking a installing a complete home solar power system onto the roof of your house.

Left: The Powersource 1800 powering this home in a blackout after a serious storm.

Where to buy solar power backup

If you're interested in obtaining more information about any of the products mentioned in this article or to make a purchase, then please follow this link.

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