Solar Panel Manufacturers

This page is about the top solar panel manufacturers. It is important to understand that not all solar panels are the same and the efficiency and output vary from company to company. The solar power manufacturers listed on this apge are here because they represent top ten companies with regards to market share and solar power efficiency.

The most popular solar panel manufacturers

The chart belwo represents the top 18 solar manufacturers in California (selected becauseof the huge amount of data available) in terms amount of panels installed.

Top Manufacturers by efficiency

The table below highlights the top solar panel manufacturers in terms of solarmodule efficiency. Follow this link for more information about solar power efficiency

The Manufacturers

The solar manufacturers on the list below represent the best of the biggest solar panels with links and contact information. There are many smaller solar panel companies which pffer fantastic value, price and quality so this list is in no way definitive.


Suntech is the world largest producer of solar panelsand have almost 20,000,000 soalr panels already established and producing power around the world.

71 Stevenson Street, 10th Floor
San Francisco, California 94105
United States of America


Sunpower inc is based in Ohio and is the world leader in solar technology research and residential solar systems.

Sunpower Inc.
1055 E. State Street - Suite D
Athens, Ohio 45701-2627

Canadian solar

Another highly popular solar power manufacturer based in Ontario. They offer a wide range of solar panels and other solar products.

Canadian Solar Inc.
545 Speedvale Avenue
West Guelph, Ontario N1K 1E6

Evergreen Solar

Evergreen Solar is a failry new runner in the field of solar power but have made a big impression with their high efficiency panels an environmentally conscious business outlook.

Evergreen Solar(China) Co., Ltd.
No.3 Road, No.1 Liu Fang Dongyi Industrial Park, East-Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R.C 430205


LDK is another popularChinese Company established in 2005. They are the leading producer of wafers and specialise in high-purity poly-silicon and solar module manufacturer

LDK Avenue,


Trina is a big player in the commercial solar world but has a wide range of popular residential solar power kits.

No. 2 Trina Road, Trina PV
Industrial Park, New District,
Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213031,


Since 1959, Sharp has led the solar electric industry with efficient, affordable systems. From the world's first solar-powered calculator to solar-powered residential and commercial applications.

Sharp Plaza
Mahwah, New Jersey 07495-1163

As I mentioned this list is in no way definitive, for more information about different solar panel manufacturers go to the wikipedia page.

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