Solar Car Battery Charger

Installing a solar car battery charger on your car not only means that you will never be left without juice again but it can also extend the life of your battery. Solar chargers for car batteries are relatively inexpensive, require no maintenance and little space.

The other advantage of installing one pf these handy little devices in your car is that you will never be left without power for any of your devices wherever you are. These 12 volt car battery chargers can be used for charging all manor of batteries including those from wheelchairs, mobility scooters, jet skis, boats and so on.

How do these solar chargers work

Solar car battery chargers work through the cigarette charger in your car. The best place to install the solar panel is generally on the dashboard or ont he inside of the windscreen. This ensures that your battery is charged continuously resulting in a much longer life for your battery.

Important: Your charger will charge your battery through the cigarette lighter but you need to make sure that this lighter is live even when the car is not running and the ignition is off. Test this by trying to light a cigarette when your ignition is off.

Uses of a solar battery charger

People use their solar chargers for all sorts of things, the versatility and portability of these devices is astounding.

1. The main purpose of these car battery chargers is for when you have to leave your car for a long period of time somewhere. The charger will stop the battery from going flat while ensuring that it does not overcharge.

2. Camper vans and RVs generally sit for a long periods of time and their batteries are used a lot for a multitude of purposes. A solar car battery charger can ensure that your batteries never run out of juice although if you are considering using solar as your main power source on a camping trip then make sure you buy one big enough to suit your energy consumption requirements.

3. If your alternator breaks in your car you won't be able to start your engine, unless of course you have invested in a solar charger.

4. As I mentioned earlier these devices are not just for cars and they can be used for a multitude of vehicles and electrical items which run off 12 volts.

What if the sun is not shining?

You'll get less power of course but the solar car battery charger will continue to operate.

How much do they cost?

Solar energy car batterychargers come in a variey of prices but it is not worth being a cheapskate here especially if you have a diesel engine as they tend to use more power to start up thus bigger batteries. A good charger will cost between $30 - $60.

Recommended chargers

Below you can find a selection of quality solar car charger from various retailers recommended by Think Solar Power! Follw the links for more information.

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