Home Solar Power Systems

This page is all about home solar power systems and include complete information regarding everything you need to know about making your home into a solar power house. This is the beginning, the first step on a journey that will see you saving a lot of money and a lot of carbon from being burnt. It is a journey that sees you one step closer to being self sufficient. So let's begin!

Turn your home into a mini powerhouse

By implementing home solar power systems,most people report at least a 75% decrease in their electricity bills, some people even report savings of over 125% meaning that they produce so much power that they actually sell it back to the power companies for a profit. OK, it is not enough to get rich but still, a profit is a profit and along with all of the other advantages of solar power, there really is no excuse not to think solar power for your home.

Build your own home solar system

There are a wide range of solar power kits available for you to buy and put up straight out of the box. These kits are easy and convenient but they do come at a price depending what kit you buy you be paying a lot over $1000. Of course the savings or profit you make off of your power bill will eventually earn this money back in time but there is another way.

With a little common sense and a few everyday tools you can actually build your very own solar panels for home and solar system for approximately $150. You don't need to be an elctrician and you don't need to be a genius. You could have your very own home solar power system up and running in one weekend without paying the price.This is not a dream, this not a joke, the is the real deal and it is changing the solar world for the better by making this clean, efficient and abundant power source available to everyone

Home Solar Basics

There are certain things which are required when building your very own solar power system.

The first being the solar panels. There are hundreds of different solar panel manufacturers each producing different quality solar panels with different densities and different levels of efficiency.

You also need a battery. It is not essential but it is really worth having one. The size of you battery depends on the amount of power that you wan to be able to store. Car batteries are no good as they just don't last. You need a deep cycle battery which is capable of being discharged and recharges thousands of times.

A charge controller is also important. This clever device is there to stop the battery from overcharging.

You will also need an inverter. This small box connects directly to the solar panels and converts the DC input that solar panels produce into AC output which everything in your house runs on.

Once you've got all this you just need wires. You plug it in and connect it up andthat is basically it. Have a look at thehome solar power systems diagrm below to see how these systems really look.

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