The Advantages of Solar Power

The advantages of solar power are truly incredible and as a result solar power has become the number one alternative energy solutions for homeowners.

Think about it. The sun has been powering out planet for billions of years and will continue to do so for, as scientists suggest, another five billion. Every 13 minutes, light from the sun has the ability to supply us with enough energy to power the whole world for an entire year.

A combination of recent scientific breakthroughs, oil supply instability and cost reduction is causing a solar revolution and listed below is why there is no reason for you not to be a part of it.

The main advantages of solar power

So without much further ado, here are top 10 advantages of solar power.

It's green energy!

As I am in no doubt that you are already aware, solar power is a clean, green and renewable energy meaning that after the initial setup, there are only positive environmental implications to think consider.

By adding solar panels to your home you will be consuming clean and free energy which means less dependence on fossil fuels resulting in a cleaner environment for all.

Save and make money

Being green is not always the top of peoples agendas these day but money often is. But here is an option to suit both wallet and consience because solar power gives the common man an opportunity to turn his home into a mini powerhouse - one that not only saves the planet but can actually make you money.

Millions of people around the world make money through solar panels by selling the power they create back to the grid. In most western countries, power companies have to buy back power at the same price at which they sell it to you by law. In some countries various grants and subsidies are available through the government as well.

Solar panels are cheap and easy

Recent developments in the solar world along with increased popularity have resulted in a sharp reduction in solar costs for the consumer. And solar panels last a long time, about 30 years so once they're paid for and set up there or no other costs at all.

A homeowner can now order a solar diy kit over the internet, have it delivered the next day and have it installed and up running the next. Which leads us on the next advantage of solar power.

It's is easy to install

Solar panels are ridiculously easy to install. They are extremely versatile and can go anywhere but the best place is probably on your roof. Panels usually sit on brackets which come supplied and can be fitted by professionals or by yourself.

The associated equipment (inverters, cables, control panels etc) can be a little bit more tricky to assemble but if you have a basic knowledge of electrics it can help. Experts recommend hiring a qualified electrician for safety.

Reliability and sustainability

Unlike our shaky sources of oil, namely from the unstable middle east, there are no questions over the reliability and stability of getting your energy for free from the sun.

As well as this solar panels have no moving parts which makes it very difficult for them to go faulty.

Despite not actually producing power during the day they can often produce more than enough power during the day to keep a home happily supplied with juice.

Holdover systems (batteries) are usually installed (unless you are planning to sell back to the grid) which means that sometimes up to 3 or 4 days power can be stored just in case something does need to be replaced or heaven forbid, the sun doesn't rise!

Self Sufficiency

In my mind pehaps one of the biggest advantages of solar power is the rather large step you take to self sufficiency. Dissolving your dependancy on the grid means less reliance on unethical, profit driven power and oil companies. It also means less dependence on inefficient, dirty and polluting fossil fuels which, let's face it, are not renewable and will not be around forever. Solar panels are a force for the good whatever way you look at it.

Increase the value of your home

Some studies recently published have shown that adding solar panels to your home can increase the value of your home by up to 4% as well as making it significantly easier to sell.

I mean, who wouldn't want to move into a house which serves its own energy needs?

Easy Maintenance

As I mentioned previously, solar panels rarely fail and on top of that another of the advantages of solar power is the fact they have an absolutely minimal maintenance requirement. A quick wipe down once a year with a clothe and bit of water should just about keep your panels running at optimal efficiency.

Solar panels work under a grey sky

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of solar power is its ability to be functional and efficient even under cloudy skies. There is certainly some reduction in energy production but even on the darkest gloomiest days this does little impact the appeal of solar panels.


One of solar power's biggest advantages comes from its portability. Portable solar power systems can be found now in every walk of life and can be utilised by all of us for charging batteries in the desert, powering your laptop in the jungle and giving energy to communication devices at the top of a mountain. The uses of solar power are truly endless.

Of coursethere are few things in this world without disadvantages and it is true that solar power does have one or two. And ti would be unfair of me not to mention them on this website so follow the link for the disadvantages of solar power.

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